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Here at Stag Electrical, we have industrial electricians on call for all your breakdown and installation needs. We know that time is money and downtime means as much to us as it does to you!

Need an Industial Electrician?

What Makes an Electrician An ‘Industrial Electrician’?

Industrial electricians differ from other electricians in some fundamental ways. The experience they have had whether it be fault fining, running cable tray or setting up parameters in variable speed drive we have done it all before.

Industrial premises such as manufacturing facilities have extremely different electrical requirements than businesses or residential homes. That is why it is so important that the electricians you call are experienced to deal with industrial properties.

Industrial electricians are often required to work with incredibly high-risk situations. Without proper safety management and risk mitigation, an in-experienced electrician can have you shut down for extended periods of time costing you thousands!!

Areas of Expertise

We can work with a whole range of industries to help them with their industrial electrical needs. This can include industries such as food processing plants, cement plants, or even infrastructure networks for the public sector. Here are some industries we work in on a weekly basis:

  • Animal husbandry- Piggerys and poultry farms have a lot of complex control systems to make sure their animals have everything they need around the clock!
  • Grain and stockfeed management- Conveyors, augers, dust extraction, confined spaces.
  • Switchboard and Control panel design – We can make any control panel created uniquely for your needs.
  • Water distribution – Motor and pumps are our specialty
  • Industrial installations – no matter how large the electrical equipment is that you need to be installed, we can do it!

Duties of An Industrial Electrician

  • Decode complex electrical drawings and manage the layout for your industrial equipment. We can work with you on this plan to ensure it works for your purposes as well as legal requirements.
  • We can inspect and repair electrical wiring, lighting fixtures, switchboards, and more.
  • We will test your electrical equipment to ensure safety and functionality. This ensures that the equipment is completely safe to be used by your staff.
  • Repair, test, install or maintain items such as generators or alternators. They can also do this with electrical control systems and electrical motors.
  • Develop and carry out electrical maintenance plans to keep your equipment safe and useable. Our trained electricians will keep records of this maintenance for your books. This ensures you have a record of the dates and what was completed.

Our Industrial Electricians at Stag Electrical

Our electricians arrive on time, every time. They will also give you a courtesy call to notify you when they are half an hour away.

They are specialized in industrial electrical, what ever the task. They work every single day with a large array of complex industrial equipment. We won’t let you down.

Our industrial electricians are great problem-solvers who can think on their feet. Complex equipment can create complex problems. Luckily, our electricians are fantastic at dealing with this.

We hire only excellent communicators. They will let you know what the problem is and discuss with you a plan to fix it that you can agree upon.

Get in touch with us today to book in a time for one of our industrial electricians to come to you.

What our customers say

Satisfied Clients

I was saving money from day one. Stag are locals and they support local and with the service they gave me. I highly recommend Stag for what they do, and with the interest free, I’m just saving every bill. I’m very impressed with Stag.

Mick McGill

Young, NSW

What our customers say

Satisfied Clients

I looked into Stag because of their reputation, the good words said about them, their products and their service. The completed the setup in a day within a week of confirming to go ahead with them. I found them to be exceptionalm, courteous, and respectful with the install.

Aaron McDonald

Murringo, NSW

What our customers say

Satisfied Clients

Our total power bill through the year when we got irrigation is about $120K a year, the dairy’s about $3,000-$5,000 a month depending on Summer or Winter, and the dairy is running about 14-15 hours a day. On the Solar side of things we wanted to reduce power and not have to pay higher power costs. The speed Stag got a quote to me and had the system erected was super fast. They were straight to the point, legitimate, I could get them on the phone and I didn’t have to beat around the bush to a sales person.

Ian Hindmarsh

“Cumberoona” Cowra, NSW

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With experienced technicians situated across NSW and ACT, our reach allows us to take on all manner of jobs, providing reliable services to a range of industries and customers. Whether dealing with aircon installation, aircon repairs or any kind of aircon services in young or any high-end commercial situations, industrial issues, refrigeration or even level 2 and specialist settings, we can ensure the job is done to the highest possible standard. Read through our services below or call our team directly to find out more.

With a range of technicians on our team, Young businesses can also benefit from the aircon repair and air conditioning installation services on offer, as well as a range of solar panel installation solutions.




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